Multi-domain SSL: What is it?

It streamlines certificate management. Using a single certificate to secure 250 unique domains/IP addresses is the easiest option. Managing certificates may be a tremendous burden for everyone, whether in charge of a large infrastructure or a small web presence with just a few domains and sub-domains. 

Multi-Domain SSL certificates lessen this burden by securing numerous domains, subdomains, external IP addresses, and server environments with only one certificate.

What purpose does Multi-Domain SSL serve?

The CSR’s Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field should contain each additional IP address. You may enter as many as 250 SANs here. That represents a record high for the industry. Reissuing the certificate will accomplish this at any time while it is still valid.

SAN-based Subject Identifiers (ID)

The handy feature of the SAN field allows you to quickly and easily secure your entire web presence. Subject Alternative Names, or SANs, are typically included with the purchase of a Multi-Domain certificate. Additional SANs may be independently purchased as necessary. You can add, remove, or change the SANs to adapt the certificate to your organization’s needs.

What is the function of Multi-Domain SSL?

Each IP address should be entered in the CSR’s Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field. Up to 250 SANs may be entered here. For the sector, that is a record high. This can be done whenever the certificate is still valid by simply reissuing it.

Subject Identifiers (ID) based on SAN

You may swiftly safeguard your entire web presence thanks to the useful function of the SAN field.SANs, or subject alternative names, are frequently included when buying a multi-domain certificate. As required, additional SANs can be bought separately. The certificate can be customized to meet your organization’s needs by adding, removing, or changing the SANs.

Policy for Certificate Authorities and Multiple Domains

SAN domains for 2500 firms utilizing a GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain SSL for up to 250 SAN domains on the Thawte Web Server Multi-Domain SSL from GlobalSign, with up to 100 SAN Domains, and a DigiCert SAN Certificate for up to 25 Sub-Domains

GoDaddy offers SSL Certificates with up to 5 SAN Domains and 250 SAN Domains, Valid for Unlimited Subdomains.

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