No-Code: Contact Center Automation in the Future

Automation has become the standard in every industry to achieve cost-effective production while achieving maximum efficiency. In a growing contact center, a surge in customers coupled with high expectations can impact overall performance.

No-code automation is the best (and only) way to withstand this pressure. No need to negotiate the quality of customer service.

What is no-code automation?

No-code automation occurs when you create self-executing business processes through triggers and events without writing any technical instructions (coding).

All of this is possible because the code is pre-written and forms moving elements that can be used to create new process flows.

Think of solving puzzles as a no-code automation process. The actual pieces of the puzzle are already in place, but building from scratch is like actually coding.

Benefits of No-Code Contact Center Automation

From the above analogy, no-code automation offers many benefits to contact centers that implement it.

Let’s outline some of these benefits.

1. Fast time to market

A relatively short automation time (compared to the actual coding) gives quick results. Test and deployment processes, along with no-code automation, keep your contact center agile with modern capabilities.

2. no technical debt

Even if it’s the easy route, don’t be afraid to get frustrated by shortcuts (technical debt). This is because no-code automation is not a shortcut, it is the pinnacle of simplified innovation.

3. No-code automation is cheap

The no-code route means you don’t have to hire programmers to create new modules and integrate them into your contact center tools. (average $50/hour each)

Cost savings associated with the first point (time savings) can be a cost-effective means of maintaining a world-class contact center.

4. Provide unique solutions to those who need them

Even the most experienced developers are less enthusiastic about the problem they are trying to solve than those who are already facing it. It also doesn’t explain much about the problem and how to solve it.

5. Achieving ambitious CX goals

When you consider automating customer experience bottlenecks without code, you can benefit from a customized solution. The more closely your system corresponds to the customer experience, the better your customer loyalty metric.

We could go further, but these five should be solid examples of no-code automation in contact centers. Let’s discuss some use cases where no-code automation can be applied.

Applications of no-code automation

The benefits outlined above give me some ideas on how to apply no-code automation.

Looking at the (related) topic of improving customer satisfaction metrics, three ideas stand out:

  • Intuitive call routing
  • Improved handling of the customer support queue
  • Automated outbound calling for customer retention

Let’s elaborate on these points a bit more…

  1. Intuitive call routing

No-code automation eliminates the need for a human agent between each call routed to another department.

It all starts with calling tools that recognize callers by phone number (triggers). Then quickly determine why you called.

Her integrated CRM should contain up-to-date information about all callers. It all ends with the caller’s information being routed to the best agent to handle the call (action).

  • Improved handling of the customer support queue

Instead of putting callers on hold for a few minutes while they wait their turn with an agent, automation can initiate a virtual queue.

This keeps the caller’s position in the queue. An automated call reconnects the customer to the contact center as soon as an agent becomes available (better if a call transfer is taking place).

  • Automate outbound calls and improve customer retention

Outgoing call triggers can be one of the following:

  1. Customer expiration date approaching
  2. Customer canceled call
  3. They provided unsatisfactory feedback in regular surveys

For detailed reasons, agents can now use autodialers to contact customers via outbound calls. Such processes also reduce customer churn rates. At this point, we can safely conclude that no-code automation has opened the door for contact centers to produce impressive results.

BabelForce Overview

babelforce is a global cloud communications platform focused on codeless integration and automation. It allows non-technical people to create the most complex integrated processes for customer-facing teams, especially in call centers.

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