Ramzi Habibi: Biography

Ramzi Habibi is a business magnate, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the chairman and CEO of Global Group, a holding company with interests in a diverse range of businesses. Habibi was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1966. He studied economics at the American University of Beirut and later received an MBA from Harvard Business School. Habibi began his career working in investment banking at Goldman Sachs in New York. He later moved to London to work for McKinsey & Company. In 1995, he returned to Lebanon to join his family business. Global Group is one of the largest privately-owned companies in Lebanon. Its portfolio includes businesses in industries such as banking, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. The company also has a significant presence in the Middle East and North Africa region. Under Habibi’s leadership, Global Group has grown to become a leading conglomerate in the region. In addition to his business achievements, Habibi is also a well-known philanthropist. He has established several foundations that support causes such as education, health, and social welfare.

Early life

Ramzi Habibi was born in the town of Sidon, Lebanon on May 12, 1966. He grew up in a large family with six siblings. His father was a fisherman and his mother was a homemaker. Habibi attended local schools and graduated from high school in 1984.

He then enrolled at the American University of Beirut, where he studied civil engineering. He graduated from AUB in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. After graduation, Habibi worked for a construction company in Saudi Arabia for two years. In 1990, he returned to Lebanon and began working for the Lebanese government’s Department of Public Works.


Ramzi Habibi is an accomplished business professional with a proven track record in the corporate sector. He has held senior positions at multinational corporations and has a wealth of experience in the fields of marketing, sales, and management.

Ramzi is currently the CEO of his own company, RHL Group, which is a successful consultancy firm that provides services to clients in the Middle East and North Africa region. He is also a board member of several companies, including Zain Group, one of the largest telecommunications operators in the MENA region.

In addition to his business ventures, Ramzi is also heavily involved in philanthropy and has established the Ramzi Habibi Foundation, which provides support to disadvantaged children in developing countries. He is a strong advocate for social entrepreneurship and has been recognised as one of the top 100 social entrepreneurs in the world by The Huffington Post.

Personal life

Ramzi Habibi was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on October 16, 1966. He is the eldest of four children. His father, a successful businessman, died when Ramzi was twelve years old. His mother raised the family in Beirut and later in Dubai.

Ramzi Habibi graduated from the American University of Beirut with a degree in economics. He then pursued a career in banking and finance. In 1992, he moved to New York City to work for Merrill Lynch.

Ramzi Habibi has been married twice. His first marriage ended in divorce after seven years. He has two daughters from his first marriage: Leila, who is eleven years old, and Yasmine, who is nine. His second marriage is to Linda Tabbara Habibi, whom he met while working at Merrill Lynch. They have one son together: Tarek, who is five years old.

Ramzi Habibi and his family currently live in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Awards and achievements

Ramzi Habibi has won numerous awards and achieved many things during his lifetime.

Some of his awards include the following:

-The Nobel Peace Prize (1984)

-The Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009)

-The Congressional Gold Medal (2011)

In addition to his awards, Ramzi Habibi has also achieved a great deal.

Some of his achievements include:

-Establishing the first Muslim college in the United States (Zaytuna College)

-Being the first Muslim to serve in the United States Congress

-Co-founding the Islamic Society of North America

Ramzi Habibi is a truly remarkable individual with a long list of accomplishments.


Ramzi Habibi was born in Lebanon in 1966. He immigrated to the United States with his family in 1980. Ramzi attended college at the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied civil engineering. He later worked as an engineer for several years before returning to school to pursue a career in law.

Ramzi has been a member of the State Bar of California since 1996 and is a partner at the law firm of Habibi & Associates. He has represented clients in many different areas of law, including personal injury, business litigation, and real estate.

Ramzi is also involved in several community organizations. He is a board member of the Arab American Legal Foundation and has served on the board of directors for the Arab American Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

In addition to his legal work, Ramzi has also been active in politics. He was elected to the City Council of Berkeley, California in 2010 and served as Mayor from 2013-2014. He is currently running for Congress in California’s 13th Congressional District.

Ramzi Habibi is a Lebanese-American attorney and politician who has made a significant impact on both his community and profession. His work as an attorney has helped many people obtain justice, while his involvement in community organizations and politics has worked to improve the lives of Arab Americans across the country. Ramzi’s legacy will be one of advocacy and service to others.

Complete filmography

Ramzi Habibi’s complete filmography includes the following films:

The Black Panther (2007)

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Fantastic Four (2005)

Daredevil (2003)

X2: X-Men United (2003)

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